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Siliguri has been the hub of development but there has not been much growth in the health and paediatric care which is the basic right of every family. Every family cannot afford to go out of town for any special treatment and Dr. Sayani is a trusted expertise in this sector from around 13 years now. She excels in varied complications related to infants and children. Your child deserves the best treatment and not a compromise with unsure results. We treat our patients with latest state of the art facilities and innovative procedures that are available.

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Vaccination Reminder

Vaccination Reminder

An immunized person's system attacks the harmless vaccine and prepares for invasions against the sort of microbe in the vaccine.

Paediatrician Role in Growth

Paediatrician Role in Growth

Your Paediatrician and/or paediatric specialists play a big role in advocating for your child throughout his or her growth.


The Age limits for consultation

The growth and development period of a child is marked by developmental milestones, which is achieved within specific age ranges.

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